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Industrial ceramic materials can be divided into what classification?

According to the composition and use, industrial ceramic materials can be divided into:
1, ordinary ceramic (or traditional ceramics) - mainly of silicon, aluminum oxide silicate material.
2, special ceramics (or the new ceramic, high-tech ceramics, fine ceramics, advanced ceramics) - primarily refractory oxides, carbides, nitrides, silicide sintered material.
3, cermet - mainly refers to the production method of ceramic powder products, preparation of metal carbide or other compounds.
Polymer Materials
The organic polymer material is a synthetic material, known as polymers. It has high strength, good plasticity, strong corrosion resistance, good insulation properties, as well as light weight, excellent performance in the engineering of a class of the fastest growing new structural materials (industrial ceramic material) .
And inorganic materials, the polymer material arranged in order according to their molecular chains or not, can be divided into crystalline polymer and amorphous polymer types. High strength crystalline polymer, the degree of crystallinity determined by the orderly arrangement of molecular chains.
Many different types of polymer materials, usually based on the mechanical properties of engineering and the use of state will be divided into three categories:
1, plastic - mainly referring to strength, toughness and good wear resistance, and can be produced in some plastic machinery parts or components. It is divided into two kinds of thermoplastic and thermosetting plastics.
2, rubber - usually means a vulcanized elastic polymer particularly excellent, there are two kinds of general rubber and specialty rubber.
3, synthetic fiber - Refers to the polymerization of monomers from the high strength polymer fiber material obtained by a mechanical process.
Composite is a combination of two or more different materials, its performance is its constituent materials are not available. Composite materials can be from a variety of different types of composite materials composition, so it's very complex bonds. It is in strength, stiffness and corrosion resistance are superior to pure metals, ceramics and polymers, is a special engineering materials, with broad prospects for development.
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