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Metal processing about future trends

First, the metal processing industry, raw material prices continued.
Bathroom class following the wave of rising metal prices in the fourth quarter of 2007 and then, early in March 2008 was slightly up again. In 2007, the international price of copper rose 66%; start Futures Exchange Copper prices in London from the initial round of $ 1,800 / ton up to $ 7,300 / tonne, has risen beyond 300 percent; production of stainless steel nickel-metal processing needed and other metal materials prices were increased substantially; children in May 2008 began, ceramics enterprises have to raise prices, the average increase was 8.6 percent tiles, metal processing domestic market. Local out of stock; Baosteel and Rio Tinto of Australia's major iron ore producers in the world, one on the 2008 annual iron ore benchmark prices reached an unanimous, Rio Tinto PB powder ore, Yang Di powder ore, PB lump ore will Prices rose in 2007 on the basis of 79.88% and 79.88%, respectively, of 96.5%, a result no doubt of the domestic iron and steel enterprises to the emergency critical juncture ... these figures can be said to be shocking, metal processing industry, the price of raw materials is increasing from time to time, High run metal processing products is not surprising.
We have always had a low manufacturing tools metal processing raw material and labor cost advantages, for many years our country as the world's largest steel producer and the world's most populous country. In recent years, exports have been stable growth trend, so that our suffering has become one of the world's major importer of tools hardware processing products. But along with the national macro-control policy, increased substantially since last year the main raw material in steel prices, the state reduced the import tax rate, as well as by the international situation, the appreciation of the RMB from time to time, coupled with the 2008 "Labor Contract Law" with to increase the interest of labor, the situation at home and suffer from the gradual deterioration of the manufacturing sector, the impact on the labor dense metal processing industry is particularly significant. Domestic hardware industry development trend is not optimistic, and even can be said to be more severe.
Second, nearly seven industrial markets hardware running
National Metal Products Industry sales revenue growth year after year, the growth rate of more than 14 percent adhere to expand the size of the market from time to time. The industry sales revenue in 2006 to reach 812.352 billion yuan, a growth rate of 29.39%, nearly seven years. Compared to 2000 the market has grown 2.62 times. Under the domestic economic and industrial leaps into a large, large number of metal parts demand, expand market size. State metal products industry sales rates were maintained in the industry-standard value of 96%, nearly seven years. Market sales ratio is reasonable.
Third, the 2006 hardware industry sub-sectors analyzed state
Fabricated Metal Products, including nine major industry segments. In 2006, the number of firms in the country to reach 14 828 Fabricated Metal Products. Among them, the number of structural metal products industries and enterprises to reach 4199, occupying 28.31% of the entire metal products industry, according to the "National plain near the economic sector" standard. Ranked first in the sub-sectors of; followed by construction, safety metal products manufacturing, 13.33% of the metal products industry, stainless steel and similar household metal products manufacturing and metal tool manufacturing only a difference of 32 , accounting for 12.44% and 12.22% throughout the metal products industry. enamel products industry, the number of firms at least, for the 198, accounting for only 1.34 percent of the entire industry. market size of the precious metal products industry to reach 812.352 billion yuan, of which the structure metal products accounted for 29% market share, in 2006. Slightly higher than the proportion of the number of enterprises, enamel products industry accounted for only 1.09 percent of the whole metal industry.
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