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Huizhou precision metal machining processes

Huizhou precision metal machining process: According to the production needs to be a material, such as a good start after some small parts production can go punch and then cut or gongs CNC machining process, which many in the glasses accessories, auto parts production. Container done: that is to be expected to open after the welding punch, then carry out sand after injection, then assemble what accessories can shipped. For small parts, but also a lot of polished surface treatment, plating, or injection. Then welding or hit the screw assembly for packaging and shipping.
Huizhou precision metal machining parts mainly in this batch processing. Huizhou precision metal processing products various parts machining production methods, processing cycles and general product line is different.
1, the process route has great uncertainty An parts or products can have a variety of processes, production equipment and fixtures needed variety.
2, hardware manufacturing enterprises due mainly scattered processing, product quality and productivity to a large extent depends on the skills of the workers, and the degree of automation, mainly in unit level, such as machine tools, flexible manufacturing systems.
3, the product generally use parts made with a combination of processing outsourcing. Such as electroplating, sandblasting, oxidation, silk screen laser carving and other special processing will be commissioned outside vendors.
4, need more parts, shop floor often need to fill out a lot of requisition and see was "a font" production orders, if process management, the need to fill in a lot of technology transfer orders.
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