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Dongguan stamping material about the presentation

Dongguan stamping materials typically used are: all kinds of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and other non-metallic plate type
Wherein, Dongguan stamping material steel (including steel) are:
1, according to the thickness of the classification: (1) sheet (2) in the plate (3) slabs (4) special plate
2, according to the production method of classification: (1) hot-rolled steel (2) cold-rolled steel sheet
3, according to the classification of surface characteristics: (1) galvanized sheet (galvanized plate, galvanized sheet) (2) tin plate (3) composite plate (4) color coated steel
4. By Application: (1) bridge plate (2) boiler plate (3) shipbuilding steel plate (4) armor plate (5) automotive steel (6) Roof plate (7) Structural Steel (8) electrical steel (silicon) (9) of the spring plate (10) Other
We usually refer to the material sheet steel plate stamping Dongguan, mostly refers to a thin sheet (strip); the so-called thin steel means steel sheet thickness less than 4mm, it is divided into hot-rolled plates and cold rolled sheet.
Hot rolling, the slab is (mainly billet) for raw materials, heated by a roughing mill and finishing mill group made the strip. From finishing the last one out of the hot strip mill by laminar cooling to the set temperature, the coiler rolled steel coil. Band roll after cooling, according to different needs of users, through different finishing line (smooth, straightening, cross-cutting or slitting, inspection, weighing, packaging and marking, etc.) processing and become steel, flat roll and slitting steel products. In simple terms, a slab after heating (that is, the kind of television burning red hot steel block) fine few road rolling, and then trimming, corrective become steel, which is called hot rolling.
Cold rolling: hot rolled coil as raw materials for cold rolling after pickling descaling, the finished product is rolling hard volumes, due to the continuous work hardening caused by cold deformation of the strength of the rolling hard volumes, increased hardness, toughness plastic index fell, so that the pressing performance will deteriorate, only for simple modification of parts. Rolling hard volumes can be used as raw material for hot-dip galvanizing plant, because hot dip galvanizing line is provided with annealing line. Rolling hard volumes generally weighs 6 to 13.5 tons, the steel coils at room temperature, hot-rolled pickled coil continuous rolling. Since there is no hard-rolled sheet after annealing treatment, high hardness (HRB greater than 90), poor machining performance, only a simple directional bending less than 90 degrees (perpendicular to the winding direction).
Simply put, cold rolled sheet, is working on the basis of hot-rolled coils on rolling out. In general, hot-rolled pickled --- --- cold-like processes.
Since the cold-rolled sheet is processed at room temperature, the hot rolled sheet made, although the process also makes steel rolling warming since, however, people still say produced by such a production process called cold-rolled sheet steel. Because of the hot rolled sheet after continuous variation from cold rolled sheet, relatively poor mechanical properties, high hardness. It must be annealed to restore its mechanical properties, so we usually use cold-rolled sheet are have been annealed, so the relative hardness of the hot rolled sheet to be lower, but the toughness is better than some of the hot-rolled sheet, surface quality stuff too many! No annealed called rolling hard volumes, rolling hard volumes generally used do not need to bend, stretch the product.
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