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Gravel Co. Main:
Industrial precision ceramic plate, bar, pipe material; precision ceramic parts and processing;
Special non-ferrous materials platinum, gold, silver, copper, titanium, molybdenum; a variety of high-purity alloy sputtering targets, ceramic target, ITO, AZO, evaporation materials;
Various types of industrial profiles pipeline racks and automation accessories;
The company has fixed production base, with machinery, electronics, materials and other aspects of professional engineers and business trade personnel, have been audited by continuous supplier management and control for our customers at home and abroad to provide quality and stability, delivery on time, reasonably priced products and services.
The reason we added because we have the following commitments:
Technical management in full accordance with ISO9001 quality certification system;
100 percent understanding of customer product requirements while products requested professional advice to ensure that products meet the requirements, while reducing product cost made to meet the product price competitive advantage;
Strict supplier / manufacturer of process monitoring, material certificates, the ability to control the process, control product key requirements, shipping verification, all of our engineers in the field control;
Zero fee model provides small quantities;
After-sales follow-up, as well as the cost of an order issued under the former work and reduced price review;
Within 48 hours respond to customer requests for advice capabilities, client reporting system regularly to longer delivery orders in large quantities, fluent in English and project / business communication abilities and skills
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