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Chemical resistant
Chemical resistant
Zirconia, alumina ceramic has a strong resistance to chemical corrosion properties!
First with this technology, ceramic rods of iron fall from a height intact, impact
Zirconia, alumina ceramic product having a strong resistance to abrasion structure
Zirconia, alumina ceramics from the weather, is not afraid of the sun and rain
Zirconia, alumina ceramic anti-static material for dust-free area
Fire resistance
Fire resistance
Zirconia, alumina ceramics of a burning cigarette has a strong defense capability
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On gravelDongguan gravel Industrial Investment Co.
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Industrial precision ceramic plate, bar, pipe material; precision ceramic parts and processing; special non-ferrous materials platinum, gold, silver, copper, titanium Molybdenum; a variety of high-purity alloy sputtering targets, ceramic target, ITO, AZO, evaporation materials; various types of industrial profiles pipeline rack And automation accessories; the company has fixed production base, with regard machinery, electronics, materials and other professional engineers and business Trade....
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Gravel Co. advantage
Our sophisticated high-purity raw materials imported some raw materials from the domestic market, materials are subject to stringent quality checks and certification to meet the needs of some customers with smaller budgets.
We can according to your drawings and specific customized, can be based on knowledge of your needs to provide the best solution for your special ceramics. Our engineers are experienced in this area, ready to meet your needs and provide solutions.
Product tolerance Depending on the size, shape, materials and production methods to determine, using our precision grinding equipment, the tolerance range can provide is 1μm (ie 0.001 mm); the highest roughness reach Ra 0.01-0.02.
We strictly in accordance with ISO quality system certification standards. From powder to the finished process control and terminal control to ensure that the factory's products are fine.
Time is life, and our delivery is faster than most of its competitors. If you encounter customers need our products, we will arrange to work overtime to complete. Absolute security in the transport process, and during transport insurance, we are responsible all.
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